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The Magic coffee table has a suspended design, in which the empty space between the legs and the top creates a particularly striking effect.
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In designing the Magic coffee table, Fabrice Berrux was inspired by a particular memory from his childhood in which a magician who in passing his hand between two objects linked together by an invisible thread, proved that there was no link, no connection between the two.The space in the Magic table that is created between the top and the base seems to indicate a lack of any point of support and this is precisely the illusion that the designer has managed to recreate: it is as if the top were levitating in a constant and perpetual state of suspension above the four legs.Available in two sizes, Magic is made entirely of marble or in a combination of two materials. In the marble version, the contrast between the weight of the material and the empty space between the table’s legs and top creates a particularly suggestive effect while the other versions allow a combination of glass or marble top with a metal frame and legs, giving you the opportunity to find the perfect furnishing solution.


W39” x D39” x H12”

W51” x D31” x H12”


Country of Origin: Italy

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