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Exploring &TRADITION

When nature and light are appropriately harnessed, an ordinary home comes to life.

– Tadao Ando

Light is the essence of life within a home. And when it comes to illuminating living spaces, one cannot overlook the significance of lamps. Today, we introduce a Danish brand renowned for its exceptional lighting fixtures –






The Flowerpot lamp is a masterpiece that embodies the heritage of &TRADITION. Retaining the iconic bud-shaped design from the last century, it integrates contemporary and vibrant creativity, making it a highly sought-after lighting piece.





The imaginative mind of the designer Jaime Hayon from Spain gave birth to the “Mushroom” series. With its adorable and whimsical mushroom shape, this lamp is perfect for various household applications and can even serve as a delightful lighting installation in children’s rooms. It adds a touch of playfulness and cuteness, as if a glowing little mushroom has sprouted within your home.





At first sight, it evokes memories of libraries with rows of green lampshades and antique brass bases. And yes, this new collection from 2022 drew inspiration from that ambiance. With its sharp lines and clean appearance, it truly lives up to its reputation as the “banker’s lamp.”

the warm light in our homes illuminates not only the physical space but also our inner selves. We are naturally drawn to light, following its path, and eventually becoming a source of light ourselves, radiating its glow.

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