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(2014-03-16 19:06:56)
The painting is 99% done , that 1%, painting the baseboards and any touch ups will be done after the hardwood and stairs installed and finished. These guys doing an amazing job! I love the look of this raw wood, it's gorgeous! I look forward to see, when it gets its final finish!
(2014-02-06 21:46:59)
Now, that the bathroom is finished, next job is painting the house. Let's begin with removing the stucco of the master bedroom ceiling. This ceiling looks really great, and the painting is nice too.
(2013-11-09 19:48:48)
In this blog we would like to show you the complete renovation of a bathroom on Hidden trail in Toronto. Here we can see the look of the bathroom before we started the job. We have to remove everything down to the studs, move the right side wall of the shower by about 20" for a bigger shower, which will have no threshold, the glass will be right on the floor, at least 2 sides. The tub to be replaced for whirlpool, new insulation, electric heating in the floor, floor has to be covered with Schluter membrane to make it waterproof. Toilet to be replaced for special wall mounted one, with tank in the wall. Walls to be tiled up to the ceiling, mostly with ledgestone. Of course new, custom made vanity, sink, etc. Enough already? Lotta fun.
(2013-11-05 15:21:22)
This blog is about a 3 bathroom renovation in Toronto. Starting with discussion about details, taking measurements, pictures, calculating estimate. Estimates are free, normally within a couple of days.
(2013-08-14 20:43:24)
Just got a new reference letter from a very nice client! Could it get any better? Yes, always, this is how we do it, constantly getting better. If you don't improve, you're getting worse. Thank you so much Sara, looking forward to do business with you again!