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Hidden trail Toronto, painting
(2014-02-06 21:46:59)
Now, that the bathroom is finished, next job is painting the house. Let's begin with removing the stucco of the master bedroom ceiling. This ceiling looks really great, and the painting is nice too.

Painting the hallway
(2014-02-06 21:52:43)
Next room to paint is the hallway. This is gonna be more difficult, because of the height, need a scaffold.

(2014-02-06 22:02:11)
With this scaffold it'll be fun the remove that stucco. Amazing value, assembly takes 10 minutes for one man. Safe, stable.

Painting the ceiling, walls
(2014-02-06 22:11:39)
Before painting the walls, always better to paint the doors, frames, baseboards, casings, then much easier the to do the "cutting" on the walls. Ceiling first, then walls, saves your neck, when do the cuts on the wall. How does that ceiling looks now? I love the color of this wall, bright and happy, like a smiley. Why don't you come and have a look yourself?

Removing stucco & painting bedrooms
(2014-02-21 22:29:33)
Our clients like the new, smooth ceiling in the master bedroom and the hallway so much, that they want the same in the rest of the rooms. Nothing is nicer than a white, smooth ceiling, and it doesn't collect dust. On one of the ceilings found some ugly mold stains caused by humidity in the attic. Dry wall, vapor barrier have to be replaced, insulation checked and repaired in the attic. I love these lively, happy colors, after most of the time painting beige, it's boring. Let's celebrate Spring, why don't you call now, let's discuss the new colors of your house! Free estimate! 416 834-0850 Alex, or send e-mail from the estimate page!

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(2017-01-20 08:33:35)
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