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Bathroom Reno-Hidden trail Toronto
(2013-11-09 19:48:48)
In this blog we would like to show you the complete renovation of a bathroom on Hidden trail in Toronto. Here we can see the look of the bathroom before we started the job. We have to remove everything down to the studs, move the right side wall of the shower by about 20" for a bigger shower, which will have no threshold, the glass will be right on the floor, at least 2 sides. The tub to be replaced for whirlpool, new insulation, electric heating in the floor, floor has to be covered with Schluter membrane to make it waterproof. Toilet to be replaced for special wall mounted one, with tank in the wall. Walls to be tiled up to the ceiling, mostly with ledgestone. Of course new, custom made vanity, sink, etc. Enough already? Lotta fun.

Demolition started
(2013-11-09 19:57:32)
Here we go, this is Norbert, making sure, that everything what has to go, will go without leaving mess behind. He's strong, good looking and single the same time!

Plumbing the bathroom
(2013-11-09 20:01:54)
Plumbers are here do the rough-in. This is Thomas measuring things up.

Plumbing the bathroom cont.
(2013-11-09 20:07:52)
This is Dean, working and talking fast. And that is the tank with the frame of the special toilet, mounted on the wall.

Floor heating& Waterproofing
(2013-12-26 13:43:22)
These are the wires laid down for heating, and this is Schluter, what we use for waterproofing and tiling the same time. Wires buried in cement, then covered with Schluter, Kerdi band used at the joints and corners.

Preparing shower area
(2013-12-26 14:01:38)
After lowering a couple of joists, reinforcing them from underneath with extra boards, drain and water supply pipes, floor liner were installed. When it's all done, the walls can be covered with Denshield, or cement board, we used cement board here. When all this is done, shower pan filled with concrete.

Tiling Floor
(2013-12-26 14:20:26)
Tiling on this wavy subfloor with this large sized porcelain tile it was a bit of a challenge, but using a thicker cement bed managed to create a very nice even floor, as you can see. The next challenge was to adjust the shower floor to the high floor surroundings, that we did with some extra cement, and as you can see, it resulted in a smooth transition.

Tiling Walls
(2013-12-30 19:13:26)
Well, it's time to tile the walls, the smooth porcelain tiles first, then the ledge stone against the porcelain at the corners. It was pretty fast to install the large porcelain tiles, but the ledge stone..... This thing makes a lot of dust, but because it's so cold outside had to be cut inside, in the bathroom, just imagine. Of course the bathroom was completely isolated from the rest of the house, dust couldn't escape. Took some time, but look! It looks fantastic!

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