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3 Bathrooms Renovation
(2013-11-05 15:21:22)
This blog is about a 3 bathroom renovation in Toronto. Starting with discussion about details, taking measurements, pictures, calculating estimate. Estimates are free, normally within a couple of days.

(2013-11-05 15:26:20)
This is the first bathroom, we have to remove everything, tub, shower, vanity, etc. Tub will be replace for shower, wall to be moved by 12" to allow wider shower.

(2013-11-05 15:33:32)
Let's start with protecting floors, covering everything necessary, even taping off doors to keep dust away.

Now we demolish the 1st&2nd bathroom
(2013-11-05 15:46:21)
Mario is doing a great job here. Also we found a couple of weird electrical connections in the attick, luckily didn't cause fire.

First bathroom shower floor
(2013-11-05 15:50:55)
1st bathroom shower floor ready for tiling, nice and smooth, with just a little slope, it'll be easy to tile with mosaic.

1st bathroom shower
(2013-11-05 15:55:53)
1st bathroom shower is ready now, silicon in every corner. This tile is gorgeous!

1st bathroom finished
(2013-11-05 19:51:33)
This bathroom now is finished, cabinet, countertop, toilet, all fixtures installed, silicon in every corner of the floor and walls to prevent the grout from popping out. I love the floor, looks great!

2nd bathroom finished!
(2013-11-05 20:29:06)
2nd bathroom is now finished, beautiful colors, vanity, looking just incredible! Again, silicon everywhere, accuracy, beauty!

3rd bathroom getting finished!
(2013-11-05 20:41:27)
Third bathroom is almost finished, just a few things left to do. This is how the shower looks like, before tiling. Norbert is doing a good job here, before sanding and painting walls.

3rd bathroom finished!
(2013-11-05 20:48:10)
Finally the 3rd bathroom is finished too. I like all 3 of them, but maybe this one the most! Lovely warm colors, gorgeous vanity, mirror, tiles!

Shower Glass
(2014-01-11 18:08:17)
Finally the shower glass is installed for the last 2 bathrooms. It took some time to have it installed, but now the bathrooms look fantastic!

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